Why Be An Amrutvam Franchisee?

If you have the passion to serve food, the spirit of an entrepreneur, the zeal for growth, commitment to building a successful business, and the ability to accept new challenges, then Amrutvam Chai is the right place for you.
In a very short span of time, Amrutvam Chai has become a favorite destination for chai lovers, and we don’t just say so, our customers do. Amrutvam Chai’s Quick Service Cafes are unparalleled in terms of the value and taste of the products served.

Benefits Of Becoming Franchisee Owner

We’re on a mission to make delicious and affordable food accessible to everyone across India. Our unique Franchisee Model offers exciting opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide.

At Amrutvam Chai, we’re all about spreading joy and happiness. Owning a franchise with us isn’t just about business—it’s a source of pride.

Starting a well-supported venture with minimized risks is far more rewarding than venturing into the unknown. With Amrutvam Chai, you get comprehensive solutions for your Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) setup, from doorstep raw material deliveries to staff training, regular audits, and marketing support.

With the best Return on Investments, streamlined processes, in-house raw materials manufacturing, a robust supply chain, and quality assurance, Amrutvam Chai stands out in today’s competitive QSR industry. Join us and thrive in the world of flavorful chai and delicious snacks!

Amrutvam Chai's franchise model is uniquely simple, economical, and fully supported for entrepreneurs.

Franchise Details

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Timeline for opening an Amrutvam Franchisee
Advantages of Our franchisee
  • Join a fast-growing and proven business with Amrutvam Chai.
  • Minimize risks with our calculated approach to entrepreneurship.
  • Harness the power of Amrutvam Chai’s strong reputation in local markets.
  • Access ready-made technology and operating systems for efficiency.
  • Receive comprehensive training and ongoing support for business success.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with our research and development support.
  • Benefit from cost savings through economies of scale.
  • Contribute to job creation as an Amrutvam Chai franchisee.


At Amrutvam Chai, our franchisees receive comprehensive support across all aspects of their business journey.

  • Pre-Opening Support: Guidance from site selection to setup.
  • Product Support: Access to quality ingredients and recipes.
  • Operation, Sales, and Marketing Support: Assistance in managing operations, sales strategies, and marketing initiatives post-opening.
  • Training and Audit Support: Comprehensive training programs and regular audits to ensure compliance and success.

Some of the salient features

  • Site Selection Assistance: Help in choosing the best location.
  • Operating Guidelines: Detailed procedures for efficient business management.
  • Comprehensive Training: Training in operations, finance, and customer relations.
  • Brand Design: Professional branding services for a unique identity.
  • Initial Market Presence: Support with advertising and publicity.
  • Dedicated Support Team: Assistance for quality and cost-related support.
  • Regular Expert Visits: Periodic visits for business standard improvements.
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